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Bridging the Gap

Teresa Percefull Helps Connect The Dots Between Marketing And Sales

If you’ve ever shopped on a website only to see that company's ad pop up on your screen a few clicks later, you understand the power of digital media.

The immense consumer targeting power of online advertising enables brands like ours to focus their ad spending on its most likely and interested consumers, putting the right message in front of the right people in hopes they click.

And it works.

Yet a few years ago, ADS discovered that many of the new digital business leads its digital marketing was generating weren’t leading to sales at all. Browsers – mostly government employees - were clearly inquiring about ADS, but they weren't always converting to customers.

“The company realized they weren’t capitalizing on all of the leads they were getting, especially digitally,” recalls Teresa Percefull, who about two years ago began talking to ADS about a newly created position as a Senior Integrated Marketing Manager. “They were asking ‘What are we doing with these leads? How do we nurture them so that they’re sales ready?’ They wanted to figure out: ‘How do you bridge the gap between marketing and sales?’”

Teresa had a few solid ideas for ADS, and it wasn’t long before she had the job, too. Growing up in Alexandria, and graduating from VCU, she had spent most of her sales and marketing career in Richmond. Then, about four years ago, she moved to Hampton Roads with her husband Winston, a brewer who had joined Reaver Beach Brewing Co.

Already an experienced graphic designer and marketer, she was working remotely for a large car dealership company, but the work was isolating, the travel frequent, and she craved a more traditional work setting. A friend recommended ADS. She was just who the company needed.

Today, she and her team work to integrate and bridge that gulf between sales and marketing. They follow up on every lead, answer questions, and make potential customers aware of the brand, its capabilities and the significant benefits it offers. Since her team’s formation, lead conversions have increased significantly.

To generate those results, Teresa loves drilling down into advertising data as much as she loves talking to customers directly. Both provide essential insight that helps her team turn a lead into a sale and create lifelong ADS customers.

“You just have to build rapport with people,” she says. “People want to be heard.”

In ADS, Teresa has discovered a company whose mission is different from anyplace she’d ever worked. From the team-first mentality to her military veteran coworkers to the very important end users the company serves, the job is more rewarding than she could have ever imagined.

"You’re helping people on the front lines. There aren’t very many places where you feel good about what you do at the end of the day and at the start of day."

- Teresa Percefull

Thanks for all the great work, Teresa.

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