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How Atlantic Diving Supply Built a Military-Friendly Workplace

When Atlantic Diving Supply set out to serve the military both at home and abroad, that commitment included supporting the military within their own company.

Today, Atlantic Diving Supply ranks as one of the Top Veteran-Friendly Companies and brought home distinctions for Military Friendly Employer and Military Friendly Spouse Employer in 2021.

How did we get here? How did Atlantic Diving Supply become known not only for its military equipment, but service?

The answer lies in our stated purpose: We serve those who serve, because every hero deserves to come home. With this statement as a driving force, Atlantic Diving Supply has found purpose in service.

Atlantic Diving Supply’s Military-Centered Employee Base

Atlantic Diving Supply is committed to hiring and training employees from the military community--including veterans and military families.

Today, over one-third of Atlantic Diving Supply employees are former military members or a part of a military family. To support these employees, Atlantic Diving Supply invests heavily in professional training.

Atlantic Diving Supply offers 80 hours of formal training each year, in addition to specific on-the-job and managerial training programs for veterans and military spouses.

This long-term, core commitment to military hiring and training qualified Atlantic Diving Supply for Military Friendly’s Employer and Spouse Employer Awards.

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"ADS experiences the skill, dedication and mission-driven commitment of the men and women of our military every day and it sets the standard for how we run our company. It’s our privilege to bring service members into ADS where their training, experience, and attitude greatly contribute to our continual drive for excellence."

- Luke Hillier, Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Diving Supply

The awards also considered outside veteran outreach and community service programs offered by Atlantic Diving Supply.

Atlantic Diving Supply’s Veteran Outreach and Community Programs

Apart from in-house military hiring and retention practices, Atlantic Diving Supply also worked to develop consistent service opportunities in support of local military families.

This company-wide commitment towards service was dubbed “Mission Give Back,” and grew to include not only service partnerships but an original annual scholarship.

Service Partnerships

Atlantic Diving Supply’s Mission Give Back is a commitment to support those who serve in the military or as first responders and their families. Through Mission Give Back, Atlantic Diving Supply continues to provide service hours and donations to a variety of local and national nonprofits, including:

Mission Give Back Foundation

The Misson Give Back Foundation is an original scholarship awarded annually by Atlantic Diving Supply. The scholarship is focused on supporting children of fallen or injured military and first responders. In 2020, the Mission Give Back Foundation awarded six graduating high school seniors college scholarships.

By providing support in the community, on the battlefield, and in the workplace, Atlantic Diving Supply has created one of the most holistic military-friendly workplaces in business today.

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