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At Atlantic Diving Supply, Everyday is Earth Day

We’re tapping into the latest environmental solutions to help military and first responders meet the nation’s new climate change goals.

Some people might be surprised to find a Top 25 U.S. defense contractor working at the forefront of environmental sustainability and climate change. But it’s no surprise to anyone who knows Atlantic Diving Supply.

On Earth Day and every day, we utilize a trusted team of vendors and manufacturers to supply our nation’s military with sustainability solutions that reduce waste, cut carbon emissions and protect the environment.

This year, our efforts have become even more critical. In January, President Biden signed a new Executive Order that makes climate considerations an “essential element” of United States foreign policy and national security.

Before and After Image of Dust and Erosion-Free Parking Lot
Dust and Erosion-Free Pathway
Self-Contained Vehicle Wash System
Riveer’s NOMAD System Aerial View
Riveer’s NOMAD System Aerial Back View
Riveer Recovery Container

The policy calls for the United States to “move quickly to build resilience, both at home and abroad, against the impacts of climate change” and to “use the power of procurement to increase the energy and water efficiency of United States Government installations, buildings, and facilities and ensure they are climate-ready.”

Fortunately, our teams at Atlantic Diving Supply are fully prepared to help, already mobilizing to create new solutions that help government agencies meet their environmental goals, and reduce the environmental impact of the military’s day-to-day operations and expeditionary missions.

Take an Atlantic Diving Supply supplier like Cocoon. The innovative company has developed environmentally friendly corrosion-prevention solutions that protect critical military assets from the elements.

“Corrosion prevention isn’t just budget-friendly, it’s earth-friendly,” says Leo “Chip” Crotty, President, Cocoon. “Protection from the elements extends lifecycles which reduces waste for a wide range of assets, including parts, weapons systems, helicopters, vehicles and more. From protective covers to humidity-controlled warehouses, Cocoon can help you keep critical assets ready, and reduce loss.”

The capabilities of our trusted supply network don't stop there. In fact, we work with a wide array of suppliers and manufacturers who are making new advances everyday. Consider just a few:

Riveer -- Riveer’s NOMAD system is an off-grid, self-contained vehicle wash system that serves hardworking, deployed warfighters in remote locations. The wash system employs state-of-the-art water recycling and solar energy to greatly reduce fossil fuel use, water consumption, carbon load and NOX discharges into the atmosphere, while reducing

travel time and exposure to hostile opportunities.

OPSDIRT, "Operational Ready Dirt," produces a "green alternative" to asphalt and concrete. The company’s proprietary “Prime Organic Polymeric Emulsions'' represents a water-based, highly engineered product that turns soils into hard-surfaces for flooring or parking heavy vehicles or airplanes. Non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable, OPSDIRT comes in concentrated form that is then mixed with fresh or sea water to construct dust- and erosion-free flooring, pathways, parking lots, roads, airfields, ranges and more.

Babington Technology makes most environmentally friendly burners and appliances for the combat support arena that produce no smoke, no soot and no carbon monoxide, regardless of the fuel being used. It also uses about 45% less fuel and total energy than comparable systems, working to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions from fuel combustion, indirect emissions and from electricity generation.

Russkap Holdings produces the Tiffany Atmospheric Water Machine, which reduces plastic bottle waste by producing up to 12 gallons of clean drinking water everyday -- without a water source! The machine uses patented atmospheric water generation technology to capture and serve water that’s in the air all around us. Less bottles, less waste.

Energy Focus helps the Navy replace fluorescent lighting with high-quality LED on its ships. LED lights last two to three times longer than fluorescent bulbs, reducing a ship’s energy consumption whether it’s docked or at sea. What’s more, Navy ships in port use local power for lighting and system maintenance, putting an added strain on local power infrastructure. The Ohio-based company’s LEDs can cut a ship’s shoreside power consumption by as much as 50% while sending significantly fewer spent bulbs to local landfills.

Advanced Mobile Filtration Services -- Fire and emergency training exercises are critical to emergency readiness, but the fire-suppressant chemicals they use are harmful to the environment. Advanced Mobile Filtration Services supplies onsite water filtration that removes dangerous chemicals from collected wastewater and keeps them from polluting our waterways and underground aquifers. The systems can reduce the volume of contaminated water by 90%, leaving behind clean, potable water for reuse, wherever fire crews train.

As the Biden Administration’s policy takes effect, Atlantic Diving Supply will be right by its side, providing new sustainability options to meet the nation’s emissions reduction and climate change goals.

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