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ADS Donation Helps Reopen Popular Fort Eustis USO Center

Closed during the pandemic, busy hub for military personnel struggled with high reopening costs

Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS, Inc.) has been a proud supporter of the USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia for years. So when we heard the USO’s popular Fort Eustis Center for off-duty military personnel was struggling to re-open after the pandemic shut its doors, ADS happily stepped in to cover the costs. Now, the Center is back to being the “home away from home” off-duty service members and their families have loved and depended on for years.

"Many of the soldiers and their families have come to rely upon the USO on a daily basis, so we are extremely grateful to ADS for their continued support,” said the USO’s Regional Development Manager Chelsea Lynch. “Post-COVID re-opening costs are very high, and without ADS's support, we may not have been able to open in a timely manner."

The newly reopened Fort Eustis Center offers service members comfortable places to relax, watch movies, eat and drink, play games, and now with ADS’ help, two brand new Nascar race simulators. Like the other 250 USO Centers and airport lounges around the world, the Center gives military families a place to relax and connect while off duty, offering everything from free internet to free snacks.

Importantly, the region’s USO chapter operates without any government support while serving the nation’s largest concentration of military personnel. For ADS, the chance to help the popular Fort Eustis Center reopen is another opportunity to show how much the company and its employees appreciate the USO’s mission.

“No organization has done more to support our proud and brave military families than the USO of South Hampton Roads and Central Virginia,” said Jason Wallace, ADS CEO. “Everyone at ADS understands the importance of USO Centers to military families, so we jumped at the chance to help out. Now, our service members can get back to their ‘home away from home’ and continue enjoying a few of the daily comforts that the USO provides.”

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